Santa Clara County Needs More Women in Office

During the State Assembly’s annual Woman of the Year celebration, held earlier this month, I was honored to receive the award from the 25th Assembly District’s Bob Wieckowski. This annual event has been a Capitol tradition since 1987, highlighting the achievements of outstanding women throughout California during Women’s History Month. This year’s theme was the passage of women’s right to vote in California in 1911.

The speeches of the day focused on how far we have come—or not come, in electing women to public office. It got me thinking about the past few decades in Santa Clara County, and what has happened to women being elected to local public office. When I came to Bill Wilson Center in 1983, our area was heralded as the Political Feminist Capital of the World.

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Learning from the Brenden Tiggs Tragedy

This month, Brenden Tiggs, an 18-year-old African American student at San Jose State, committed suicide in his dorm room. According to local media, his dad did not believe the coroner’s ruling, because his son was doing well and seemed happy. While it’s a topic we often don’t like to talk about, suicide rates for young men in the United States are especially troubling.

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